Curiosity. It drives us.

Curiosity. It drives us. It results in one-of-a-kind solutions that will keep you going. 

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Tyre pressure management system

After years of research and engineering HubTech developed a high-end system which enables you to regulate your tyre pressure while riding.
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Wheel development

We focus on lightweight durable and compliant wheels.
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Pneumatic interfaces

The interface towards the tyre includes multiple components.
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Human Machine Interface

Because the system must be easily controllable in a dynamic situation we put a lot of effort in making an ergonomic wireless control unit.
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A multidisciplinary approach for high-tech challenges

We are the experts in mechatronics and embedded systems, combining our engineering technology, project management skills and our passion for cycling and motorsport. Our mechatronic and mechanical engineers are renowned for seamlessly fusing product and technology to create customized solutions. Our vast experience enables us to deliver out-of-the-box solutions that are unique and not shown by other companies earlier. Our portfolio

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