Creators of innovative and out-of-the-box technical solutions with a big passion for cycling and motorsport.

Engineering the future of mechatronic products in cycling and motorcycle markets

We are a multidisciplinary, hands-on engineering company that smartly leverages materials to design, develop and realize high-tech mechatronic products. Our mechatronic engineers are renowned for seamlessly fusing product and technology to create customized solutions. Every HubTech project is driven through our extensive testing protocols to ensure our products deliver a repeatable and reliable performance.

Multidisciplinary team. One mission.

HubTech has a team of top of class engineers from a broad variety of backgrounds. Key areas of expertise include mechanical, electronic, software, and systems & control engineering, with vast knowledge of materials, design, production methods, system modelling, testing and simulation. The aggregation of these skills allow HubTech to create unique high-end working solutions. Design and development activities encompass mechanical actuators, electronics, firmware, control algorithms, pneumatic devices,  manufacturing processes, and test equipment.

Our Team