Our vision

Design and develop new products where other companies only were thinking of. Products for leisure, sports, transport, and outdoor markets, which are safer, cleaner, faster, and/or more exciting. The basis of HubTech and our developments all have one thing in common: it started as a simple idea for a complex solution. Out of the box thinking is our key for success, we are not affected by small thinking or any tunnel vision. The bigger the challenge the more fun it is for us. Having such a competitive engineering team makes working at and with HubTech a pleasure. Of course, we do not pretend to have all the knowledge in-house ourselves, but within our compact, high quality team we have a solid basis of expertise in mechatronics, pneumatics, and vehicle dynamics. By working closely together in a low-profile but professional way with well-known international engineering parties and production partners we manage to achieve our goals successfully.

The main product development where HubTech worked on is the Kinetic Air Pressure System (KAPS), which is a fully functional tyre pressure control system. More information on this advanced technology can be found on the website of Gravaa, on the technology page.