The next step in bicycle and motorcycle tech

The development of a tyre pressure management and control system is a logical next step in the technology roadmap for bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles (like enduro motorcycles). The increasing interest in off-road riding, mountain biking and gravel racing, and the appearance of tyre pressure monitoring systems are an important trigger for our development. In road racing, races like Paris-Roubaix and Strade Bianche put a lot of attention to the choice of tyres and the optimal tyre pressure.

In the automotive sector there is an increasing awareness for environmental issues and the need for a safety related control and monitoring system.

Tyre pressure has a proven influence on vehicle stability, (fuel) efficiency, comfort and reliability as well as lifetime of the tyre.

Various efforts to develop a tyre pressure management system have been undertaken by well-known manufacturers but did not create a breakthrough or were not technically successful. It was found to be either too complex or just not sufficient in weight, size, performance or usability.

Our patented kinetic air pressure system (KAPS) is a fully integrated solution that focusses on performance without compromising. It will just do what it needs to do, adapt your tyre pressure on the fly, very fast and extremely accurate without any limitations.